Want to impress? Let us deliver our Large Tropical delights basket!!  More fruit, more local products!!


**Order by 6pm Wednesdays for delivery Fridays**

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Other delivery days require 5+ days notice.


Presented in a quality large seagrass tray with inset handles we arrange an amazing selection of whole in-season tropical & other fruits and quality products. Our trusted local suppliers ensure we have the best seasonal produce each and every week and there is always an amazing variety available.


4 local products: - tea or coffee, - chocolate or sauce plus nuts and lollies!! You choose or let us select:


>TEA (100g) 

Hand blended small batch tea from The Tea Chest - a family owned and operated business in the Daintree -

Daintree Chai Original - Black tea and a combination of exotic spices traditionally used to aid digestion - less than 3% caffeine.

Daintree Chai Vanilla - NQ organically grown vanilla infused with Daintree Chai’s original recipe. Less than 3% caffeine

Daintree Chai Chocolate - Aus grown cocoa husk and warming chai spice blend. A delicious alternative to caffeinated beverages this chocolatey brew is rich in antioxidants, magnesium and mood boosting theobromine.


Blackbooks tea range is premium quality & flavour. Select from:

Tarry Lapsang Souchong - Famously smoky “tarry” aroma & flavour. The finished tea is given extra drying over a smoking pine fire, imparting a sweet, clean smoky taste.

Roman Earl Grey - Fragrant Premium Earl Grey has extra Bergamot Peel added specially for Lovers of a really strong Bergamot Earl Grey flavour!


> COFFEE Coffee from Coffeeworks - 100% Australian from growing to roasting, Annie & Rob are pioneering a path to become recognised as the leading roasters and promoters of Australian coffee in the country.



> CHOCOLATE Daintree Estates chocolate - select your flavour!

> SAUCE Launching in 2017, Fenglehorn is a creator of high quality, natural and all Australian Award Winning condiments. This. Is. Flavour! Range includes Jalapeno (heat 4/10), Cayenne (heat 6/10), Habaneno (heat 8/10), BBQ, Roasted Garlic and Ham Glaze



> Wondaree is a family farm located on the Atherton Tablelands. Macadamias are native to Australia and every nut in a Wondaree pack comes from a tree in their orchard.


Just Nuts is another local family business, using only 100% Aussie organic nuts. Activated, healthy and delicious - mixed almonds, walnuts & pecans.


LOLLIES Delicious soft sweets are locally made using unique family recipes and special cold working methods. They are free of artificial colours and flavours, preservatives, nuts, gluten and wheat. Free of all animal products they are cholesterol free and vegan friendly