A celebration of the tropical north - craft beers and FNQ nibbles!!


> 2 craft beers from Barrier Reef Brewing

> Fenglehorn sauce

> Rainforest Bounty berries or paste

> Cookies or biscotti from The Wholefood Co,

> Daintree Estates chocolate

> Wondaree macadamia nuts

> No worries lollies from Stillwater sweets

> Presented in a rigid kraft gift box with clear lid

> Ribbon & hand tied bows

> Includes a card with your personal message


Featuring the beer that's actually from here - small batch, full flavoured brews crafted in Tropical North Queensland!! We’re talking pure, filtered water, fresh local flavours and tropical inspiration. We’re talking laboratories, microscopes, yeast propagation and pH meters. We’re talking craft beer!!


Launching in 2017, Fenglehorn is a creator of high quality, natural and all Australian Award Winning condiments. This. Is. Flavour! Choose from Jalapeno (heat 4/10), Cayenne (heat 6/10) Habaneno (heat 8/10) or Spicy Ballz out BBQ.


Rainforest Bounty use native Australian flavours to create these mouth watering condiments – superbly tart and aromatic Lillypilly berries – perfect in sparkling wine or delicious wrapped in turkey for a canapé or with cheese platters, or the deliciously spiced Ooray plum & strawberry paste is used similarly to quince paste for cheese platters, adding to sauces or use to create your own marinade.


Wondaree is a family farm located on the Atherton Tablelands. Macadamias are native to Australia and every nut in a Wondaree pack comes from a tree in their orchard.


The Wholefood Co. handmake from scratch using ingredients that are naturally free from gluten, dairy, soy, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Their bite-sized cookies are packed with Tolga macadamia nuts, nutrient dense sunflower seed butter and enhanced with Himalayan salt. Prefer biscotti? Daintree dark chocolate and Buderim ginger or Tolga Macadamia nuts and Mission Beach Lime zest - delightfully crunchy without breaking a tooth!


Local chocolate from Daintree Estates - perfect!!


No Worries lollies are free of artificial colours and flavours, preservatives, nuts, gluten and wheat. They are also free of all animal products and are cholesterol free and vegan friendly - so apart from being made from sugar they're practically a health food 😆


**Must be delivered to person over 18 years of age**

**AUS WIDE SHIPPING - $20.00**

Local Cairns area $15 delivery = 4870 / 4878 / 4879 ONLY

All other areas select Aus wide shipping incl. 4868/4869/4881

Marlin Coast box

Wondaree Macadamias
Rainforest Bounty
The Wholefood Co.


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