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This box is for the SERIOUS chocolate lover!!


> Freeze dried strawberries in caramel chocolate

> Chocolate rocky road

> 2 x chocolate blocks

> Chocolate bark

> Drinking chocolate

> Rigid gift box with magnetic close lid

> Hand tied bow and

> Card with your personal message


Poppy’s Chocolates are made with quality couverture chocolate, giving the quality chocolate its taste and melt in the mouth smoothness.


Caramel Chocolate - Tick! Freeze Dried Strawberries - Tick!

Absolutely delicious combination - this is heaven sent! Freeze dried strawberries have a crispy texture similar to honeycomb and deliciously matched with caramel chocolate. Sharing is optional!


Poppy’s bark is made by hand, spreading a thin layer of chocolate and mixing it with delicious fresh ingredients, maximising the taste sensation of chocolate. From current stock:

- Peppermint crisps blended with dark couverture chocolate or

- White chocolate topped with freeze dried passionfruit crumbs


Charley’s chocolate is single origin bean to bar or the even rarer tree to bar. Single origins are Shannonvale (NW of Port Douglas); King Ranch (Tully River Valley); and Mount Edna (Mission Beach). Single origin beans are also sourced from nearby Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. Just as fine wine relies on high quality grapes, so fine chocolate relies on high quality cocoa beans. Better beans make better chocolate.


Drinking Chocolate is an intense cocoa experience - smooth, complex and nuanced, without bitterness. The quality cocoa beans and minimum processing means it has very high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids - great "health giving" properties of fine chocolate. Divine.


Local Cairns area $15 delivery - 4870 / 4878 / 4879


Other areas select Aus wide shipping for delivery by Aust. Post

Chocolate box

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