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Champagne!! Add divine nibbles and enjoy this selection for any occasion


> Bottle of Chandon sparkling Brut

> Boxed caramel chocolate coated strawberries (100g)

> Papaya jam (220g)

> Alcohol infused peanuts (120g)

> Oat crackers - out of stock

Replace with Falwasser crackers

> Bramble Patch fruit paste (95g)

> Quality magnetic close gift box with

> Belli wrap and hand tied bow

> Card with your personal message


Crafted in the Yarra Valley from a mix of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier grapes, Chandon has a fresh, vibrant finish with hints of apple sorbet, lemon zest, sourdough and nougat. Enjoy as is (cold), as an aperitive or in a cocktail, it is best paired with cheese, steak or seafood and wonderfully suited to picnics & BBQ's.


Caramel Chocolate - Tick! Freeze Dried Strawberries - Tick!

Absolutely delicious combination - this is heaven sent! Freeze dried strawberries have a crispy texture similar to honeycomb and deliciously matched with caramel chocolate. Sharing is optional!


From the Skybury farm this is a sweet success, eaten by the spoonful from the jar or the perfect addition to your cheese or charcuterie board. With a squeeze of lime this papaya jam is selected from current stock: papaya, papaya & coconut, papaya & ginger.


Kettle roasted in small batches, Queensland peanuts infused with your favourite beverages and the finest natural ingredients for a unique taste experience. Gluten & dairy free, from current stock:

* Ginger beer & curry

* Tequila chilli lime

* Pina colada

* Chocolate stout

* Whisky maple bacon


The fruit paste from Bramble Patch is made in the Granite belt in Queensland - you will love thei mouth watering sweet flavour of their vintage shiraz paste.


Pictured with chocolate coated blueberries - out of stock & have been replaced with caramel chocolate coated freeze dried strawberries.



Local Cairns area $15 delivery - 4868 /4870 / 4878 / 4879


Other areas select Aus wide shipping for delivery by Aust. Post

Chandon Delight

  • Tropical Tastes is proud to showcase the fabulous products of our special region.  We provide high quality products - if an item is not available it will be replaced by a similiar item of equal or higher value.


    Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements, we are always happy to assist!! Email or text/call Sue on 0408 553 434

  • We take pride in the quality of products and produce we supply.  If your gift/product does not arrive in excellent condition and you are dissatisfied with your purchase - please contact us immediately so a refund or replacement can be arranged.

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