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All made in Far North Queensland with the unique flavours of the tropics, this really is a gift for the condiment connoisseur….. 

Full of flavour and perfect for the BBQ king, the budding foodie or a complete novice who needs all the help on offer!!

> Fenglehorn chilli sauce (150g) &

> Fenglehorn sauce (250g)

> Ooray Plum Vinegar (250ml)

> Boonjie Tamarind Malay Jungle Curry (250ml)

> Davidson plum gin infused jam from Wolf Lane

> Skybury papaya jam (250g)

> 2 x Just Flavour Co. seasoning blends with recipe cards

> Re-usable rigid gift box with magnetic close lid

> Ribbon & hand tied bow

> Card with your personal message


Launching in 2017, Fenglehorn is a creator of high quality, natural and all Australian Award Winning condiments. This. Is. Flavour! Their range is amazing!  Jalapeno (heat 4/10), Cayenne (heat 6/10) Habaneno (heat 8/10) plus Ballz Out BBQ, Roasted garlic and their brand new sauce - Got Pepper!!


Rainforest Bounty use native Australian flavours to create mouth watering condiments.  Their Ooray plum vinegar has an incredibly deep and rich flavour. Sweet and tart, the perfect salad dressing or balsamic substitute.


Jungle curry is an authentic Malay curry with an Aussie twist. Create a delicious curry with tamarind and mango flavours which are perfectly matched with seafood, chicken, tofu or pumpkin.


Davidson Plum Gin Jam - not your traditional jam, the fruitiness of the plums combined with the botanicals in Wolf Lane gin make it both tasty and versatile. It’s an excellent addition to scones, toast, cheese, sauces, cocktails - it's also alcohol-free and vegan friendly, so it can be enjoyed by all (if you want to share....) 


A sweet success, eaten by the spoonful from the jar, dolloped over toast, scones or spooned onto ice-cream. With a squeeze of lime this papaya jam comes in 3 varieties: papaya, papaya & coconut, papaya & ginger.


Just Flavour Co seasoning blends contain only PURE ingredients using finely ground spices which provides more flavour for your cooking. Selected randomly from stock - Italian, Peri Peri (spicy), lemon Herb, Oriental, Moroccan, everything, Mexican (mild & spicy)


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Local deliveries to 4870 / 4878 / 4879 - $15.00

All other areas select Aus wide shipping for delivery by Aus Post - including 4868 / 4869 / 4881

Tropical condiments

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