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A carefully curated selection including rehydrating face mist and delectable chocolates!


> All natural face mist from Cove (100ml)

> Dark chocolate peppermint crisp bark (100g)

> Choc coated coffee beans (95g)

> Noir drinking chocolate by Grounded Pleasures (50g)

> Re-usable rigid gift box with magnetic close lid

> Decorative belli band and hand tied bow

> Card with your personal message




The COVE. Australian Native Face Mist is an active aromotherapy blend of Fragonia, Sandalwood and Tasmania Lavender.  Packaged in Miron Violet Glass, it is proven to increase the longevity of the product and ensure the potency of the formulation arrives to you as we intended.


Poppy’s bark is made by hand, spreading a thin layer of chocolate and mixing it with delicious fresh ingredients, maximising the taste sensation of chocolate. Peppermint Crisps blended with Poppy's 56% dark couverture chocolate.


Chocolate coated coffee beans are so delicious you'll never be able to stop at just one! Best quality delicious dark chocolate covers a crunchy, home roasted Skybury Peaberry coffee bean.


Noir Drinking Chocolate is for people who desire an intense cocoa experience ~ smooth, complex and nuanced, without bitterness. With deep toned hazelnut, butterscotch and caramel notes, the texture is something to behold - velvet-like and sustaining.


Local Cairns area $15 delivery - 4868 / 4870 / 4878 / 4879


Other areas select Aus wide shipping for delivery by Aust. Post

Divine retreat

  • We take pride in the quality of products and produce we supply.  If your gift/product does not arrive in excellent condition and you are dissatisfied with your purchase - please contact us immediately so a refund or replacement can be arranged.

  • Tropical Tastes is proud to showcase the fabulous products of our special region.  We provide high quality products - if an item is not available it will be replaced by a similiar item of equal or higher value.


    Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements, we are always happy to assist!! Email or text/call Sue on 0408 553 434

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