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Candle vessels are ethically farmed coconut shells from Vietnam. Using 100% Soy wax farmed from Brazilian soy beans from one of the most sustainable, agriculturally responsible farming companies available, these beautifully boxed candles have a burn time of 60+ hours


Third Eye - Wisdom | Awareness | Inner Peace

Our third eye chakra allows us to be more aware of the world and focus on the bigger picture, located between the eyes.


The blend of rosemary, lemon and mint with sod|alite crystal from Arkansas, USA helps restore the calm and clarity one needs to see beyond distractions and become in tune with their intuition. Topped with Juniper Berries, Rosemary Leaf, Poppyseeds and Australian Grandfather Sage.


Heart - Self-Love | Openheartedness | Empathy

Located at centre of the chest, just above the heart our heart chakra helps us open our heart to love, compassion and joy.


Blending tangerine and palmarosa known for lifting the spiritual state of the heart and preventing anxiety and depression, with a green Aventurine Crystal from Chennai, India. topped with dehydrated grapefruit, hawthorn berries and Australian grandfather sage.


Sacral - Sensuality | Feminity | Creative Expression

The sacral chakra candle is blended with wild orange, cardamom, cinnamon bark and a Citrine Crystal from the Highlands of Scotland and helps to find a connection with others and brings happiness, pleasure and creativity located at the lower abdomen.


Topped with star anise, cardamom pods, fennel seeds and Australian grandfather sage.


**Can be added to gifts but check to ensure it will fit in the gift box **

Chakra candles

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