A box full of pretty things and amazing scents, this gift is pure indulgence.....


> All-Natur-Al hand poured glass candle &

> 2 x bath bombs (or shower bombs)

> Blush Body coffee body scrub &

> Hand crocheted hemp scrubbie

> Cactus Crush lip balm &

> Scrunchie

> All natural soap from Lathered

> Magnetic close box with hand tied bow

> Card with your personal message


These gorgeously scented candles are hand made with a whole lotta love! Over 75 hrs burn time, a cotton wick and essential oils these candles fill the room with their beautiful scent and are a beautiful addition to any home decor. A pretty glass jar can be reused when your candle is finished.


Bath bombs!! Organic olive oil with jojoba & rosehip oils to hydrate and moisturise with essential oils and locally collected roses and florals this is one relaxing bath! Also available as shower steamers!!


We recommend the shower or bath for this coffee scrub as it can get messy! Apply a handful of Blush Body Coffee Scrub to damp skin and rub in a circular motion all over your body. Made from fair trade specialty coffee, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic sugar and cold pressed extra virgin avocado oil this scrub is suitable for all skin types. Scrubbies are hand croched from natural handspun hemp twine and make for an ideal natural exfoliator. 100% natural, completely biodegradable and compostable - they're environmentally friendly, cruelty free and plastic free.


Fun & colourful lip balm from Aisha at Cactus Crush - all natural, all Australian - extra lime, flirty rose. thirsty orange and vanilla bean!! Her beautiful scrunchies are super soft on hair and available in cotton or satin.


**AUS WIDE SHIPPING - $20.00**

Local Cairns area $15 delivery = 4870 / 4878 / 4879 ONLY

All other areas select Aus wide shipping incl. 4868/4869/4881 

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