Featuring local seasonal tropical fruit

with a combination of a carefully selected high quality local produce; you will love our unique gift basket range. 

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Seasonal tropical fruit


Wondaree natural macadamia nuts


Beach Harvest coconut chips


Kuranda cookies snack packs


Daintree Estate Origin chocolate bars


Tichem Estate chocolate coated coffee beans 


Daintree Tea T-bags


Kuranda honeyhouse Honey pops




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5 pieces seasonal tropical fruit


Wondaree smoked macadamia nuts


Tichem Estate coffee 


Kuranda Cookies mixed pack


Daintree Estate origin chocolate


Spicez flavoured salt

Lathered handmade soap, shampoo & conditioner bars


Daintree tea T-bags


Wongabel jams chunky cumquat marmalade





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sweet tooth

Seasonal tropical fruits

*Mt. Uncle Sexy cat marshmallow liqueur (18+)

Wondaree wasabi macadamias

Tichum Estate chocolate coated coffee beans

Kuranda cookies chocolate biscuits

Kuranda Honeyhouse honey

Daintree Estate gourmet chocolate sauce

Daintree Tea T-bags


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Happy Hour 

Seasonal tropical fruits

*Mt. Uncle gin (18+)

Kuranda Honeyhouse honey

Wondaree roasted salted macadamias

Beach Harvest chilli coconut chips

Tonic water, Sparkling springwater

Lime, lemon, mint



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Tropical Tastes

Seasonal tropical fruits

*Mango drop mango wine (18+)

Wondaree smoked and chocolate coated macadamias

Kuranda cookies

Daintree Estate chocolate bars

Kuranda honeyhouse honey and bee pops

Spicez sea salts, natural lemon pepper and lemongrass balsamic

Lathered handmade soap and shaving block

Tichum Estate Coffee

Daintree Tea T-bags

Wongabel Davidson plum & lemon myrtle jam



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Recipients of gift baskets must be over 18 years old

and must be present to take delivery of baskets containing alcohol